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King of the Birds

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Spirit Horse:
It's time I get lifted up. Lifted to yet another place, time, and vision. If I was remotely native American right now I would pray to the animal spirits to show me a new path. To show me something I wouldn't be scared of. As if there is a future path for me I'm not seeing. Come pick me up eagle and show me the way...the ocean has muddied my vision. It's getting cold now so all the waters are getting cloudy. I need warm waters to navigate my way...so eagle, come get me. Move me up and high so I can see the next plan of action.

Wolf guide me through this forest. The snow has made it hard to find a path or way. I need a fire, I need my heart to pulse faster to make it out alive. I need shelter and something to course the way.

I'm scared of the unknown and my feet are tired of treading the same river to find nothing but waterfalls...and I'm too scared to take the leap...so I head back the opposite way. It's back to the beginning. So something come along, please, help me take that leap. Who cares if I get hurt? I don't. I want the pain of payment. I want to feel like I'm flying even though I'm falling. I want to feel something other than the same scared movements I've kept up with so perfectly.

So wolf and eagle, guide me along the path less traveled. I want it to rip, claw and ravage my soul and entire existence so I know what it's like to feel again. Give me that blood flow again! Come on, make this heart beat faster and stronger and wiser.

I'm tired of trudging. I want to fly or run...I want to run the opposite direction I've ran for all these years. Get me out of this water before the ice traps me in and I am stuck inside all winter. The cold will most likely kill me. I don't want to die yet. So take my body and show me the way.


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